live classic rock



$ingle Income


$ingle income are the live classic rock band that make you feel good. 

We play hits from the Angels, AC/DC, Doors, Stones, Bad Company, Dire Straits, Aussie Crawl, Dragon and more from international artist. 

With over 25 years experience performing across Melbourne we are a pub rock, party band delivering the sounds and songs everyone loves.

Join us for your next “Live Classic Rock” night out.


Vocals / Rory O'Dowd

Rythm / Marc Luxa

Lead / Tom Kerlin

Bass / David Wicks

Drums / Theo Bouloukos



Listen to the band

Live Classic Rock is what we do. Listen to a few tracks, hear the band and crowd all having a good time. Single Income will bring the good times to your venue with the energy and years of experience we offer.